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Hello, I am Magali, the founder of EMAANA!

Through EMAANA coaching, I offer a transformative and liberating space for entrepreneurs to develop a meaningful business that serves their lives and has a positive impact on the lives of others.

I also offer a holistic approach to businesses, employers and employees to align their work with their Ideal Life and support their health, while making an impact.

You are an entrepreneur who

Dreams of achieving this strong sense of freedom by developing your own tailor-made activity

Aspire to more meaning and pleasure in your daily life

Are a dreamer, sensitive and full of desires

Wish to be 100% yourself in your business and in your life

Are convinced that you can achieve great things, but sometimes doubt it

Are sometimes lost between different business advice (strategy, mindset, action plan, organisation, self-help, personal development, etc.)

Have a tendency to want to control everything, to go off in all directions, even to procrastinate


Build the business that suits you in every way, and feel free at every stage of its development

To feel fully aligned and at home in your business and in your life

Reveal and exploit the potential and talents that are within you

Free yourself from your fears, obstacles and limitations

Set up the sustainable activity that truly allows you to thrive, without burning out

To achieve harmony in all areas of your life

Navigate with serenity and lightness in the midst of hazards and challenges

Make all your emotions your allies, without rejecting or suffering them


 »  Since 1 month I have tripled my turnover! « 

« Emaana for me is the birth of all the projects I had buried but also a real reconstruction of my whole life, the perception I have of myself and the world has completely changed in an absolute and positive way!

In the space of a month, I let go, accepted to change and I am experiencing financial, social and professional surprises never imagined!  Since 1 month, I have tripled my turnover! My relationship with money is positive energy and love. Since the coaching with you, I enjoy myself at the end of the month.

In all humility, if it can motivate someone, I am a single mom and a student. I started coaching with my allowances and my voluntary actions, today I am much more at ease. I noticed that I had more money than I thought, but it was badly spent.

Finally, every day I enjoy being closer to the best version of myself! And my happiness is that it impacts my entire environment! If I had to do it again, I would do this coaching without hesitation! Thank you for existing Magali... »


 » All this is for me, my happiness, my well-being « 

« First of all, thank you for having created this space. A space where human encounters have increased the powers and possibilities tenfold.

To invest in this program, I allowed myself time to not be in the panic of the timing of the beginning of the adventure. I decided to choose myself and I let go of that decision. And in the end, nothing bad happened.

Everything is within us. Magali keeps telling us this and I agree. I became officially aware of my blocks, my heaviness, my conditioning and also of what I can transpose from my skills into my activity as a freelancer.

Like my posture from my experience as a director for management and relationships in my business.

Time is an inescapable fact. The discomfort too. The « mutations », inner transformations need to mature and be acquired.

Today, I know how to say no: no to a client or to a request for intervention that does not correspond to me, no to a job as I have held it.

I organize my day as I wish and feel it. My work time is different from one day to the next. And I don’t feel guilty anymore.

All this is for me, my happiness, my well-being. What is magical is the impact it has on me, my business, my relationships, in all areas. And when faced with the less pleasant events of life (because there are always some), I live them completely differently (welcome, benevolence, recognition and « peaceful » action)

Today, I am in great shape, joyful and positive and it is anchored.

I thank Magali for her kindness, her frankness and her professionalism. She facilitates everyone from where they are. She knows how to send back questions to encourage the journey.

I am a « cautious » person, even « suspicious ». Fear can paralyze me. And yes, I had a lot of work to do on my self-confidence. I validate that I made good progress with this program. » 


 » You saved me time and money. « 

« I had a plan to become an entrepreneur around wellness and natural. I started this coaching because I was completely lost. I didn’t know where to start, even though I had lots of ideas. I had fears, and the people around me had fears too. It is sometimes difficult to take the step.

I told myself that I had to surround myself with people to move forward. Your Masterclass had already helped me to get unstuck and I said to myself « over a period of 6 months it will be just enormous to do this in-depth work ». I wanted to undertake but really be aligned with myself before undertaking. To do something that I’m passionate about.

When I saw your Masterclass, we could feel that you were passionate, and I wanted to find that. To launch myself, yes, but first to align myself with my values. It was the right time for me to take the step. 

I had limiting beliefs that I was not aware of, about money, time. This allowed me to move forward, to take the step. For example, I have invested in my website and I am happy to invest. A few months ago I would have made a big deal of it, there was an inner blockage and now I take pleasure in investing, in pleasing myself and the company.

I have understood this notion of the energy of money that circulates. I have a more beautiful approach to money and this is important when you finally start your own business because you create your own money and you have to love it, you must not feel bad about taking money, and this is what I understood with your coaching.

The big point is to be aligned with myself, that was something I wanted. It’s all very well to read books on personal development to learn about yourself, but it’s not the same as being accompanied. You were there to guide me, to ask me the right questions at the right time. 

You saved me time and money. I’ve been asking myself all these questions for a long time and in 5 months I found my way, my training, my project, I launched my instagram page, I launched the website. I took action in a very short time. You saved me time and money doing this coaching and it’s a foundation that will serve me for life.

This is my first coaching and I will definitely do it again. It’s so important to be coached, it’s a great opportunity.  » 


 » Magali was able to bring out my full potential! « 

« Since the Mastermind, I feel more legitimate and clearly assume my new position as an entrepreneur!

The evolution was very natural thanks to Magali’s guidance. She knew how to bring out my full potential!

Since then, I also live more intensely the « little things in life ».

I have taken the power over what happens to me, while letting go. A magical feeling! And I share it with those around me 🙂  » 


 » So transformative « 

« At first, part of me was afraid to invest this money, I thought I was completely cracking up and I wasn’t even sure I would have the money to pay every month… But finally I listened to the other voice inside of me that told me go ahead and do it, it’s time for you, it’s going to bring you so much more than you think and…

I was way off base! I thought it would give me a little boost and the advantage of having other women entrepreneurs to share with, but in the end it has already been so transformative for me, that today I tell myself that the price is laughable compared to the real value that Magali and the group bring to us.

We’ve only just started and yet I’m already a new woman, and I’ve broken through a lot of barriers that were preventing me from really getting started and enjoying what I was doing. I was convinced before of the importance of coaching and the leap forward that it would make in the realization of my dreams, but I thought that I had to wait until I had more means to do it. Today I understood that there is nothing to wait for, because when you show the universe that you are ready to invest in yourself, that you have faith in it and in the fact that you always have more money than you need, the money comes to you because the universe works every day to realize your dreams. »


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