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Ease, fun & prosperity in your business

Expand your business through the power of mindset

Tuesday 12th October @ The Lady Boss - 18h00

10 Förrlibuckstrasse 8005 Zürich


Align yourself and position your business according to your deepest desires

Discover the keys to unshakeable self-confidence

Strengthen your business while creating a real sense of freedom

Achieve your results with fluidity and fun

Become a magnet for clients, opportunities and abundance

Reveal and tap into your unlimited potential

This Masterclass is for you if :

  • You are an entrepreneur, or you are in the process of developing your business.
  • You are a dreamer whose intuition tells you that you are meant to thrive in a business that suits you.
  • You decided to become an entrepreneur to feel freedom and ease, but you feel that your daily life could be more inspiring and harmonious than that.
  • You are confused about which areas to work on to develop your business.
  • You would like to see more satisfying results in your business.
  • You feel you are meant to achieve great things but sometimes you doubt it.
  • You sometimes feel overwhelmed by the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.
  • You are eager to find out how to develop a successful business to serve your life !

My name is Magali, I am a mindset coach for entrepreneurs. I became an entrepreneur after leaving my job in the public function in Geneva. I resigned, moved to the other side of the world, and discovered the world of entrepreneurship, which at the time was completely unknown to me. Today, I have created 2 companies (EMAANA, as well as Sider Bottle, a brand of isothermal bottles with my partner), and I do not regret my life choices for a second.

Entrepreneurship is, in my opinion, the most beautiful tool for personal development, because it has led me to face my biggest blocks and fears. Legitimacy, the notion of security, fear of judgment, financial independence, exposure, fear of success, etc.

I also discovered the world of marketing and strategy, in parallel with the work related to mindset and intuition. My mindfulness approach allows me to combine the best of all these approaches to offer my clients programs that allow them to feel light and serene, without feeling oppressed by all the injunctions found in the entrepreneurial world.

I create a conscious life for myself every day where I observe myself and reconnect with my feelings so that I never feel trapped in my business.

If you too want to feel lightness, fluidity, freedom, and pleasure in every sphere of your business and life, I can’t wait to share this very powerful Masterclass with you!

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 » You are inspiring »

« I am 300% hooked on your energy. You prove to me that it is possible to be sensitive, calm, and make money. You are inspiring, and I dream of being able to feel as aligned as you are»

 » Exactly what I needed »

« This is exactly what I needed, I’ve been in a weird period for 2 months with little motivation and inspiration, and your Masterclass made me think, I finally feel inspired! Your Masterclasses are really powerful! »

 » Very punchy « 

« The Masterclass answered many of my questions and allowed me to ask myself the right questions.

Very punchy and the examples very telling. It was a great package, complementary and fun.

Thank you for sharing this with us. Your enthusiasm, your good mood is communicative. »

 » This resonates so much « 

« Thanks again, this resonates so much with me, thank you so much!  »

 » The powerful woman that i am »

« I never thought I would need coaching but thanks to your Masterclasses and lives I feel like meeting the powerful woman that I am. Thank you for existing Magali!  »

 » Like I finally found my place « 

« I feel relieved to allow myself to evolve, to express my value and to create an activity that will allow me to be paid and to be proud at the same time. It’s like I finally found my place. Thank you for all this content and for showing that something else is possible. »

 » A common theme handled in an exceptional way « 

« It was great. It’s a common theme but handled here in an exceptional way.

You are just awesome 😍.»

 » Powerful and inspiring »

« Thank you for this very powerful and inspiring Masterclass.  »

Free registration (limited spots)

✨ Free Masterclass

✨ Tuesday 12th October

✨ 18h00 – 20h00

✨ @ The Lady Boss (8005 Zürich)


limited spots (25 people – mask required)